Maximizing the Virtual Business Community

A team approach to building your business in the digital community

Generate Brand Visibility. Expand Your Network. Build Your Pipeline.

Participation in the digital business landscape is no longer optional. The COVID pandemic has reshaped business processes across the board and it behooves every business builder to invest time in mastering the new landscape.

The Digital Power Team was developed to support small businesses in this effort.  We have focused on four key areas, Virtual Networking, LinkedIn, Digital Marketing and Sales.  By creating a team platform, every member benefits from the energy, knowledge and support of teammates. 

Networking with Friends

A B2B Networking on Zoom

Effective Networking depends entirely upon who is in the room.

We know how important it is to spend your time networking with other B2B professionals, so we created a virtual Networking group just for you. Spend your time wisely. If you offer professional services or business solutions, join the team and connect with other B2B Business Builders. This is a private networking group and is an integral part of the Digital Power Team’s business building efforts.

Digital Power Team

The Power Team works across three distinct areas to generate new business.

Our Power Team members work in coordination with one another to generate extraordinary levels of Brand Visibility on the LinkedIn platform. Rather than spending hours developing great content that few people ever see, our team works together to lift each other’s content so that it becomes more visible by incorporating specific tactics designed to maximize the LinkedIn platform. 

In addition, the team connects with other B2B professionals in a monthly virtual networking event to connect with prospective clients. We also invest time each month learning from digital marketing experts ways to implement the most current trends. 

The relationships established among team members creates an atmosphere of goodwill and support, helping to foster business development across all verticals.

Power Sales Team

Our Power Sales Teams work as accountability groups to facilitate the focus necessary to close the sales and marketing loop.

After investing time, energy and money in creating visibility for your company and building a pipeline of prospects, it is imperative that you maintain the focus necessary to close the deal. Our Sales Teams are small groups of 6 or less, and meet virtually on a bi-weekly basis.

Using our G. STAR method, the team members serve as accountability partners for one another.

G. Establish specific Goals to be accomplished in a timeline.

S. Design the Strategy required for attaining each goal.

T. Track the activities on your Timeline.

A. Actions are reviewed and modified over time.

R. Results are reported on a bi-weekly basis

DIY Digital

Digital Marketing provides a doorway for your company into a world of business opportunities.

Providing our team members with the information they need to to be successful in digital marketing is a high priority. We spend a portion of every team meeting discussing the technical intricacies of “Becoming an Influencer,” Getting Found Online,” “Creating a Digital Campaign,” “Incorporating Video in Today’s Market” and much more. In addition we maintain a library of training videos for our team members. 

Becoming expert in all aspects of Digital Marketing is key to the success of our team members.

What Our Members Say

Ready to Join Us?

Networking with Friends

A B2B Networking Group

Networking with Friends is a wonderful opportunity to meet Business Builders from the greater Atlanta area and around the country in a zoom setting. It is open to Digital Power Team members and their guests.

This monthly event is by invitation only. Members can invite guests.

Effective Networking depends entirely upon who is in the room.

Digital Power Team

$90 Per Month

The Power Team is a great way to maximize the time and effort you put into the digital community. Our team works together to maximize visibility on LinkedIn, to develop newbusiness relationships and to keep up with digital marketing trends.

The fee to participate with the Power Team is $90 per month, with a 12 month minimum.

(Participation on both teams is $150 per month, with a 12 month minimum)

Power Sales Team

$90 Per Month

The Power Sales Team supports your efforts to capitalize on the pipeline you have developed by helping you stay on track week after week. Set your goals, design your strategy, then track all of your actions and your results. Follow the path of great sales people worldwide.

The fee to participate with the PowerTeam is $90 per month, with a 12 month minimum.

(Participation on both teams is $150 per month, with a 12 month minimum)

DIY Digital

A knowledge-based value for our members

Becoming an expert in Digital Marketing is essential whether you Do it Yourself, or manage a marketing specialist. Our team members are exposed to the most current marketing information and are better equipped to incorporate “digital” into their business development strategies.

Digital Marketing is key to the success of our team members.