Our mission is threefold.

#1 assist business owners in maximizing the LinkedIn platform.
#2 provide a community where business development can flourish.
#3 help business owners stay up to speed with the ever-changing technology landscape.

We have 10 designated posting days. On average members post about 4x per month.

While many of our members post on multiple platforms, we focus on maximizing LinkedIn.

Our members are all B2B and located in the U.S.

They include but are not limited to attorneys, consultants, CPA’s, financial advisors, marketers, IT managed services, software development, SEP specialists, CMO’s, digital marketers, writers, graphic designers, video production, HR employee trainers, c-suite consultants, process managers, automators, recruiters, virtual assistants, and more!

We are growing every month so that number is always changing but currently we have over 100 members.

From New York to Miami and Boston to San Francisco, we cover the entire US.

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