dpt turnkey

A corporate solution for maximizing the LinkedIn Platform

We manage your LinkedIn journey

With over 900,000,000 business professionals active on LinkedIn, it is the one platform that you cannot ignore.

It is a massive marketplace offering huge potential in terms of business development.

Effective Visibility, More Engagement.

Getting in the game can be tricky.

Becoming visible in that ocean of people is not for the faint hearted.

At dpt turnkey we are in the business of seeing that the time you spend on LinkedIn is well spent and effective.

Give us an hour a week and we’ll get you 10x the engagement you are currently getting.

We will also help you generate hundreds of profile visits monthly and thousands of post impressions.

LinkedIn is a boat you do not want to miss, but if you simply do not have the time to invest: we can manage your LinkedIn journey for you.

How It Works

We learn all about you, your business and your goals and we design content tailored just for you.

We monitor and maximize every post so that you are literally seen by thousands as an expert in your field.

We also design an automated outreach campaign targeting your most valued audiences.

Your connection base will grow exponentially as will your opportunities for 1-2-1 meetings.

Your 7 Step dpt turnkey journey


Your Profile

Your Brand Begins with a Strong Profile Page, small changes can make a big difference.


Your Content Strategy

LinkedIn is a great platform for presenting yourself as an EXPERT in your industry. We help you design a stellar strategy.


Your Posts

A key element in having a successful LinkedIn marketing effort is the quality of your content.


Your Engagement

Nothing happens on LinkedIn until someone begins a conversation with you. This is perhaps the biggest part of the magic.


Your Audience

Building a community of followers that can actually buy from you is an often overlooked but exceedingly important step in your success.


Your Outreach

We pull people to your profile with great content, but we don't stop there. Designing an outreach campaign is the selling leg of the journey.


Your Tracking

If you aren't tracking, there is a good chance it isn't happening. We track all the activity surrounding your posts, your audience, and your connections.



What is the lifetime value of a new customer?

What is the value of being of standing head and shoulders above others in your field?

Every business is different and yours has a unique ROI, so think in terms of what is the value of greater visibility and hundreds of new connections?

dpt turnkey is a six month program. The fee is $1750 per month, paid monthly.

We recommend you do the math. Is it worth the investment?

It's Worth It.

Next Steps:

1. Register

2. Sign your contract

3. Fill out your company information document

4. Select a date for your “Getting Started” Zoom meeting

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